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What Is A Professional Clothier? What Do They Do?

by Antra Kamble
What Is A Professional Clothier

Have you ever wondered what is a professional clothier? To wear a garment you need to build and design it. A professional clothier is someone who helps you wear different types of clothing. You may get confused between a professional clothier and a tailor but they both are different. This guide will be helpful to exactly know what is a professional clothier and what do they do.

What Is A Professional Clothier?

Professional Clothier is defined as a person who makes, sells, or markets fine cloth garments. It is an occupation that does many things at an exceptional high-level. Their main focus is to design and build quality garments for the consumer. The skills like knowledge of construction, sales, and design are involved in this. They only work at a specific store or brand by specializing in only their clothes.

What Does A Professional Clothier Do?

A professional clothier makes, markets, or sells fine cloth garments. They select the cloth according to the customer for designing. They have to cut the pattern on paper before styling it. Now, let us see how you can become a professional clothier.

How To Become A Professional Clothier?

You require certain skills that help to become a professional clothier. You need to earn a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma degree. The most important thing you should know how to design and construct the given garment. You should be a master in cutting and body measurements to make your garments.

What Is A Professional Clothier’s Salary?

The majority of professional clothier’s salary ranges between $40,000 to $80,000 across the United States. 

While the top earners make 117,500 US Dollars annually. By knowing the professional clothier’s salary you must be eager to know what is a professional clothier salary at Tom James Company.

A Professional Clothier at Tom James Company earns $41,000 annually. Tom James Company is one of the most known brands. You can say they earn 20 US dollars an hour which is 47% lower than the salary of all the working Americans. There are many opportunities to increase your pay based on your skills and experience.

What Is A Clothier?

A clothier is the one who makes or sells the clothing to the buyers. The ideal task of a clothier is to build a well-tailored wardrobe for the client. They provide the highest level of satisfaction by considering every detail as per your requirement.

Another Word For Clothier

Here is the list of other words for clothier sorted for you.

  • Tailor
  • Designer
  • Garment Maker
  • Suit Maker
  • Fashion Designer
  • Stylist

Difference Between Clothier And Tailor

By reading above you got to know what is a professional clothier. Many people find Tailor and Clothier is the same profession. Below I have mentioned some points that will help you to differentiate between clothier and tailor.

  • A Clothier is a person who makes or sells clothing. While a tailor is the one who repairs or alters your clothes.
  • A Clothier will bring the exact fabric you want and will work on it. While a tailor will work on the garment that you want to alter.
  • Your garments can take weeks to arrive at your door when given to a clothier. A tailor stitches your clothes according to your preferred time option.

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How Much Does A Professional Clothier Make?

A professional clothier mostly earns in the range of $40,000 to $80,000 on average per year. It varies from one company to the other.

Where Are Tom James Suits Made?

Tom James suits are made either in Westminster, Md.or Chicago. In Westminster, Md., the suits are made by English American Tailoring. While the suits in Chicago are made by Oxxford Clothes. Both of them are owned by Tom James’ parent company.

What Does Bespoke Clothing Mean?

Bespoke Clothing means that the garment is 100% customized to fit your body. In this clothing, it is made according to an individual buyer’s specifications by a tailor.

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In my article, you got to know about what is a professional clothier. They mostly work with high-end brands as professionals. Do not confuse yourself with the occupation of a professional clothier with the tailor. They both may sound similar but I have mentioned some points that will help to differentiate them. Here, I have covered all the information regarding what is a professional clothier which will be helpful for you.

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